The Making of Suspended Reality

It’s been a long wait, but Suspended Reality is finally a …reality (bad humor, I know). All of us had a great time in the studio and I was excited to be able to record with Mark Maegdlin, Ben Lewis, Jon Paul, Tom Hipskind again. Our new addition to the band is Victor Garcia – a wonderful trumpeter who grew up in Chicago. And working with recording & mixing engineer Brian Schwab and mastering engineer Scott Steinman was a pleasure too!!

We spent three days in the studio recording, then two days mixing and three days mastering. Mark Maegdlin was in on all of it and he’s always wonderful to work with as a producer as well as a piano player.

OA2 Records is our new record label and they have been great!! When I got the artwork back from them, all I could say was WOW!! That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be on the label and they didn’t disappoint!! Now it’s on to planning the CD release parties… Check out the gigs page for dates and locations.

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